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How a Toilet Works & Toilet Plumbing

The simple but ingenious mechanics of the toilet have changed very little since the earliest "water closet" was invented in the 19th century. The toilet, though not one of the more glamorous of home fixtures, is designed to do a very specific job--to carry away waste and prevent sewer gases from entering the house. And unless something goes wrong with a toilet, it handles its job adroitly.

A toilet has two main parts, both made from vitreous china: a tank and a bowl. Some toilets are cast as a single piece while others are made in two separate parts that are joined together. The tank, which houses all of the working parts, is where various types of toilets differ the most. Several different kinds of mechanisms may be used to accomplish a toilet's basic operation.

A good indication that the there is toilet plumbing problems would be water leaking around the base. Is your toilet continuously running as well? Stop caring! Don't wait for an emergency to come. Call us today and solve your problems with your toilet save your future troubles.

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